International Tuesday mit Mellow Mark

“Twenty years after revolution, many of us wish for change. However, change on
the outside is only possible if we all bravely embrace new things on the inside
and new perspectives in our thinking. Soul Revolution! The time is now. I
experienced a great shift at the beginning of the pandemic. I dared a new
beginning – leaving my self-employment behind and starting a new job in the
emergency services. Here I can help people immediately, but often have to watch
how powerless we are. Life is so precious and short. I have learned a lot. And I
think most of us have. There are many new ways, i.e. opportunities, and WE have
become stronger.” 

Mellow Mark is a veteran of German-language reggae. Right at the beginning of
his career he got the music award Echo (2003) for the newcomer for his debut
album „Revolution“. Only two years later follows the German Reggae Award
(2005). From then on, Mellow Mark tours, gives countless concerts on large,
medium and small stages. He gains the