International Tuesday – mit Ute Kabel

In 2019 the band UTE KABEL was born in Berlin. Stylistically, the trio moves
between punk and pop, between madness and glamour. Their sound establishes the
latest version of a new German wave and experiments with sheer insanity
elements. Autotune meets 80’s pop. The Shazam button is pressed by Dua Lipa and
Nina Hagen in delight.
Drummer Mr. „Albrecht Silent“ and keyboarder Jacques Moirè already know each
other from earlier projects. Together with Finja Messer they build an extremely
versatile live sensation whose shows not infrequently end in great performance
art. Mermaids swim between meter-high foam cakes, the ride into space is well

2019 gründet sich die Band UTE KABEL in Berlin. Stilistisch bewegt sich das Trio
zwischen Punk und Pop, zwischen Hüh und Hot. Ihr Sound begründet die neueste
Deutsche Welle und experimentiert mit blankem Wahnsinn. Autotune trifft 80’s
Pop. Dua Lipa und Nina Hagen drücken entzückt den Shazam Button.
Schlagzeuger Mr. „Albrecht