Sound(g)arten : I.N.K.

  • Sound(g)arten : I.N.K. © I.N.K., Foto: © I.N.K.

I.N.K. is a duo from Berlin. Alex Nickmann and Gernot Pohle met for the first time during the Lockdown in Nickmann’s recording studio to jam and make their first recordings. This resulted in their debut EP Lunapark which was released in early May 2023. Gernot Pohle played with the Berlin New Wave band The Wars, and currently with the Potsdam band The Maze Cab. Alex Nickmann is a member of the ambient project Aukai and produces music for theatre and contemporary dance.

Gernot Pohle: Voc, Guit, Electronics
Alex Nickmann: Piano, Synth, Electronics

20:00 Uhr - 21:30 Uhr
Eintritt frei.
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