Die Kunst, Viele zu bleiben | T. Regina

  • Die Kunst, Viele zu bleiben | T. Regina © T. Regina, Foto: © hannsjana

Today, neither the GDR nor dinosaurs exist. But their former existence can still be clearly felt. It still poses questions for us today. But who is allowed to explain and judge its history? East German history was made invisible for a long time. Tyrannosaurus Regina wants to open up new perspectives on this invisibilisation.

hannsjana are a performance collective, a band and produce performative audio tours. In their complex works, they humorously, musically and scientifically penetrate concrete and abstract spaces in order to make them tangible and explainable to themselves and their audience. In their most recent works, hannsjana have increasingly focussed on men and their domains. They sell shares in their performance, train the audience to become ornithologists, perform as a boy band and declare car tuning to be a socially acceptable queer practice.

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