Space Between – Improworkshop mit Daniel Orrantia (Bogota)

  • Space Between – Improworkshop mit Daniel Orrantia (Bogota) © Improvisationstheaterworkshop, Foto: Thomas Spikermann, Lizenz: Improtheater Potsdam

We are proud to present you Daniel Orrantia in Potsdam.

Space is constantly charged by the stories it holds. Some of them are full of life, serving as containers for relationships, encounters, and emotions. In this workshop, we explore a particular kind of narrative that becomes entangled with the space we build together. How can we develop scenes with a strong structure that enhances the overall story? Can we find enough inspiration from one space ? How can we connect with scenes that have happened? On this search we focus on listening and embodying relationships within a story, spending time with duo scenes, and enriching the overall story by building on what has been constructed. These ideas, along with other components, are just a few of the topics we will explore in this workshop.

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10:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr
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